About us

The invention

The simple node and its assembly method to build lattice structures were independently invented in 2016 by an Spanish researcher, you can check here his Google Scholar profile.

Invention is pending patent (via PCT and EP) and has favourable search reports (ISR and EESR). 

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Partners sought

This technology offer seeks partners for development, licensing, qualification, or academic collaborations.

The primary objective is to find entities interested in the knowhow and the technology for either negotiating license/acquisition agreements, technology development, or academic collaborations. Venture building is also an interesting option for developing and commercializing the technology.

The ideal type of partner sought would be any industrial company able to manufacture, develop, test, qualify, or commercialize lattice structures for any of the application domains. In particular, big corporations with R&D resources that manufacture wind power, electric transmission, or telecommunications lattice towers, as well as, nodal construction systems or scaffolds may be preferred. Aeronautic or construction companies with testing facilities and experience in R&D and mechanical parts optimization or qualification would also be ideal partners.

The offer is open to academic collaborations and even to publications in international peer-reviewed journals. For example, aerospace, engineering, or architecture research groups related to lattice structures would benefit from the technology knowhow and assist in the theoretic modelling or the practical mechanical testing of the new nodal fabrication concept.