Lattice jackets (offshore)
Jackets structures are the base of the modern offshore wind turbine generators and other marine structures like oil platforms. They provide the required stability and attachment to the seabed. The fabrication and installation of these structures is briefly summarized in the following videos.

Fabrication process of the bottom part of the huge Jackets for the Beatrice offshore wind farm. The attachment of the upper part (fabricated elsewere) is also detailed.

A time lapse of the complete assembly process in the workshop is illustrated here.

Transport and installation of the turbine foundations for the Wikinger offshore wind farm.

Heerema Fabrication Group's yard in Vlissingen constructed the Valemon jacket for Statoil. This 160 m tall jacket is huge, its size is 45x45 m at the base and 25x25 m at the top, and its weight 9,150 tons.

HEXABASE complete fabrication and assembly process. The movie shows various stages of the new patent pending serial production of offshore wind foundations developed by the Maritime Offshore Group GmbH.